Our Services

What we do for our clients

Our Services

Our core business is being responsible, efficient and profitable supply of small and bulk fuel and oil and illuminates paraffin.

As stated in the executive summary, the Company intends to operate in a Petroleum supply capacity utilizing the most profitable method of delivering fuel therefore maximizing our return on investment. We supply

  • Bulk Fuel,
  • Oil,
  • Burner Fuel
  • LP Gas
  • Illuminated Paraffin

Our clientele is diverse and encompasses all sectors of business including the following:

Products are sourced from mainstream suppliers within South Africa. Anchor Petroleum has been fortunate in that we have been able to negotiate competitive rebates and in turn extended a percentage of these rebates onto our customers, this will help us to grow steadily and build our client base as well as well extremely loyal clients. Our clientele is diverse and encompasses all sectors of business including the following:

Local government
Engineering and construction
Short and long distance transport

Liquid and fuel charter
We are fully compliant with the South African Liquid Fuels Charter. Anchor Petroleum is one hundred percent (100%) owned and controlled by south African female black women. this would not be true to our customers and suppliers if we did not place a premium on excellent service delivery. We only promise what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise.

we distribute oil products to consumers big or small construction, government and parastatals.
we bring high quality petrol products
all commonly fuel and both marine lubricants, Aviation Lubricants and Food Grade Lubricants
for agricultural use we supply various chemical products for use in the Agriculture industry
your day-to-day transportation fuel is one of our most demanded commodity